Monday, December 29, 2008

Life is not like TV

It would be nice if life could resolve it's self into nice 30 minute episodes or at least into daily blog posts. But it doesn't, so I am left with the task of summing things up in a rather disjointed fashion. That's not a good place to be after to water goblets of wine. Maybe some of you can write coherently at this point, but my fingers don't work that well, and my mind loses the train of thought trying to correct the spelling. So, FIRST! Thank You to all the Blotanical readers who wished me a happy birthday. Something I tried to run away from this year, but didn't succeed. SECOND! thanks to all of you who checked in or otherwise ended up here while I was on hiatus. It is good to know people want you to come back. Life is not like TV. I can't rap it up in 30 minutes or even in a single blog post, but with a little help from a magnum of Merlot and a bar of Lindt's Excellence Chili Dark chocolate I'll give it a try...

There is something about the bitter sweetness of a dark chocolate that leaves a subtle burn in the palate that fires the mind.

Yet, so many things have happened, it is hard to know where to start. So...

The waif we left off with. He didn't come to stay at our house despite our best efforts to prepare, our love, and our days of paperwork and government hoop jumping. He also didn't get to go home with his teacher who has worked with him for two years, been a year in the foster care program, and has a perfect setting. Instead, he went home with (after more than a week in limbo) a "family member" who grudgingly agreed to take him. I understand that we have pawned off our family and community responsibilities onto the government, but, I (in deluded moments) hope that the system works. It almost never does. Everyone is heartbroken and frustrated, but we hope that things work out for the best for our little guy.

If life was like TV my leg wouldn't have gone to sleep, and I could type with out pinprick distractions. My wine glass would also not be empty.

This is a dark time of year for me. Solstice is also my birthday. Being a year older when you are well past 40 is not something one happily celebrates. My family tried to help me recapture my youth by giving me a snowboarding day, complete with a board, boots, helmet, and all the other bits. It was great, but I'm not sure I recaptured my youth. Mostly I emphasized how much a 40+ year old body doesn't bounce. Apparently I am not a bumble. Still, it was great fun and we are planning on going back again this winter. It at least put me in the running for coolest parent. There were not any other 40+ parents with kids on the beginners slope other than C and myself. That's got to be worth a week of agony.
Happy, tired snowboarders. The story begins...
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