Friday, January 23, 2009

A break in the weather

Finally, we are getting a bit of a warm-up. This morning's temp was 13 deg F when I got up. Now it is 54. The snow is melting fast, and everyone is out enjoying the sunshine and blue skies. Everyone except me. In my head I am out there, cleaning up the messes, puttering in the greenhouse, getting things ready for the gardening season. In reality I'm in the laundry room, fighting with drywall, trying to run electric into new places, and wishing I was 4 feet taller so I could reach the ceiling without having to stand on something. The weather has given me the opportunity to be out, enjoying the sun, planning and puttering (as a good farmer should) but the prioritized list put getting the laundry room back into functional order at the top of the list this week. Life will be better when it is done. It's the last of the drywall that has to go up to repair the water damage. Then it's just paint and trim. My goal was to be finished by the end of January, and I just might make it. Another gorgeous day like today could easily crash the whole thing though. I really ache to be outside.
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