Friday, January 23, 2009

Living with Tools

I've been living with tools the past few weeks, and I noticed them today. That happens when something fails. My circular saw died today. NOT A GOOD THING! I knew when I bought it that it wouldn't last long. It was cheap, and I got what I paid for. Fortunatly I was almost done, and able to finish with a hand saw. When you buy tools that you know you will use a lot, buy the good ones. Yes they cost a a bit more, but the long term life and reliability is well worth it. If I had bought the right saw the first time, my now defunct saw would be on its way to the manufacturer to be fixed or replaced. Lesson learned again.

Here is a picture of tools I live with all the time.

I love the roll around scaffolding. It is adjustable up to 4 feet high which is perfect for working with my tall ceilings. It comes apart and folds up for easy moving and storage. WAY better than a ladder in the house. I use it for everything in the house, green house, even painting out side. I love it! (I should be getting paid for tool endorsements, but I don't have the marketing skills or the site traffic. If you want to know what kind of tools I love you will have to ask me specifically.) Since I am doing drywall right now I also love the giant t-square for drawing straight lines. If you don't ever cut sheet goods you wouldn't want one, but if you do they are great.I also find that I am constantly using my drill and a variety of pry bars, pliers, and hammers. A good drill is worth it's weight in gold. I'd also recoment the best/most powerfull cordless drill you can find. The one I bought was a bit on the cheap side, and it has long since died. My extention cord collection only reches about 300 feet which isn't far enough on our farm. A cordless is priceless.
A Sawsall is also a most usefull tool. Anytime you have old buildings you want to fix or modify, being able to cut through everything short of concrete is very useful. Get a good one and lots of blades.
My mostly defunct circular saw, and in the background a set of wrenches and sockets. The wrenches/sockets are very important. Get good ones. I like the Kobalt line from Lowes (they should be paying me for this). Made by Snap-On. Great quality, good price.
A good tape measure, a "tonker", a monkey wrench, and a life saver. The funny green pen is a circut tester. Hold the yellow end near an electrical connection, touch a light socket, stick it into a plug, and if there is power it flashes and beeps. Saved my butt numerous times. Well worth the price.
My favorite tool. This is the one I have with me all the time (except at the Airport where I would be arested.) NOT a Leatherman. It is made by Gerber. Better quality blades, and the handle doesn't hurt your hand when you try to use it because all the bits are inside. I wear mine everywhere, even to church. (Father Bill has sought me out when he needed a screwdriver just before a performance, becauce he knew I had one with me.) Don't leave home without it.
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