Thursday, January 15, 2009


I laughed about the breaking eggs in coat pockets the other day (and embarrassingly I can't remember who posted the brilliant photos of the event.) I was going to add my own, but my crap camera wont work now that I took it out in the cold. Anyway, I came back from the chickens with a pocket full of broken eggs. Ruined my ski coat. No snow boarding for me this week.

I've also reneged on my "no oil this heating season" pledge. It is supposed to get down to - 11 tonight with sustained winds of 15 miles an hour. In other words "frigging cold!" Since half the house is tarped off and torn down to the studs from our last frozen pipe, I have opted to put 20 gallons of oil in the tank and run the furnace at night. That will let me sleep better and probably save the house and my marriage.

Nothing else to confess. Just a public THANK YOU to Nancy of Soliloquy for the consultant recommendation. I'm honored that you think I have something to offer.


nancybond said...

You're most welcome, Alan - good luck and keep us posted! I'm betting you're just what they're looking for.

As for using the oil, it's been so bitterly cold in most parts this past few days, I don't blame you! Especially with part of the house already exposed. I'm sure you will sleep least it's at a slightly more affordable price now. Stay warm!

inadvertentfarmer said...

I can't even imagine those kind of temps. I whine when it gets in the 20's. It is a wonder you all survive back there. You are a good husband for putting oil in the tank. Annoyed wives can be way worse than frigid tempuratures...not that I would know or anything, lol! Keep warm...and get your camera fixed I want to see your broken eggs!!!


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