Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dreamers, a post for the followers of Ester and for new bloggers just testing the waters

This is a place of dreams. Here I tremble to think that Charles de Lint's Pixies in the wires lurk and hope that the stores that feed the Forever Tree live. Blogging keeps me real. It is an honest glimpse into the bloggers life. Way better than reality TV. Better in that there is an audience response, and ( at least in this world) it is thoughtfull, relivent, and expected to be considered. Conversation is a lost art, and I find a revival of it here in the blogosphere. I'm as lucky as pres Obama in that I've got my own pannel of pre-teens who constantly say " what's up with that??? or SAY WHAAAAAAAAAT?" They keep me real and I hope they keep the new KING real too. It would really be cool if Obama or one of his kids blogged about the coming year. Wishes.....
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