Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Other

Life here at the Roost is good. It's probably not luxurious by any definition, but it is GOOD. We don't worry about the basics - food, water, power, housing, transportation (except that all our cars are well over 10 years old so one says a powerful prayer every time they are used.) Even in the face of financial "crisis" we are doing "OK". SO, when the kids grumble that Mom is late getting home from a meeting, Dad gets a bit grumpy. Tonight's lecture was all about the fact that mom didn't want to be where she was past 9 pm, but that she did it because her job made our life possible. The appropriate response to that is THANK YOU! followed by we missed you. Without the Other income (and the efforts of the other spouse to secure it) there wouldn''t be Roberts' Roostl or any of the rest of this.


Sunita said...

I wish I could think of these smart, well-reasoned answers when my kids start acting up!

Daphne said...

I love your optimism in life. You house flooded, the ceiling collapsed, the water heater broke, but life is GOOD. I'm actually being like your kids. I'm grumping at home because my husband is away for yet another week on yet another business trip. I'm trying to convince him we don't need the money. I'd rather him in a job he likes more and where I get to see him more - like the one he had two years ago. Same company, same title, different not as fun job.

inadvertentfarmer said...

You are a good dad. I would be sad if Robert's Roost wasn't around anymore so thank you sweet wife for me also! Kim

Wayne Stratz said...

let me say, howdy, to let you know that I stopped by. May all of your wife's meetings end as soon as possible.


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