Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Potager Design - Day 1

The storm tracked further north than I had hoped, so instead of a nice deep snow, we got ice and freezing rain. Close to 1/2 inch.

Ice trees

Ice Fences

No downed power lines in our area yet, but the day isn't over. By 10 am the rain had stopped and turned to snow. We have about 3 inches on top of the ice, and it's still snowing.


Everything was canceled for the day. We spent the morning working on the kids Academic Fair projects and sparring about the potager. I was true to form and tried to ramrod a design and get on with ordering plants and planning projects. Not going to fly on this one, but no one could articulate what they really wanted beyond Not what is there now. Inspiring and beautiful. Informally formal. Accessible (accommodates wheelchairs). No sharp points. Fits with the house (a 1890's simple 2 story farm house with a porch planned for some time in the future). I'm a bit out of my realm here. Straight lines and production are my first thoughts. If I get more artistic than that I tend toward the Zen Garden as perfectly natural as possible. More perfect than nature. So, here is the space we are working with with the traffic patterns thrown in. Traffic won't change much, so it has to be accommodated. I'd be interested in suggestions. Keep in mind this is an herb/kitchen garden that fills the 30 x 60 front entry yard to our deep blue (almost purple) two story farm house. It is bordered on three sides by the Garage and guest parking, the house, and the Farm Shop. People need to be able to get to all three, and we need to get from the house to the rest of the farm multiple times a day.

Has to have space for two Dwarf Apricots and two Dwarf Cherry trees, rosemary, thyme, parsley, sage, mint, oregano, basil, chives, tomatoes, dill, carrots, radishes, horseradish,chamomile, lavender, lemon verbena, ginger, and a variety of flowers. Mostly it has to fit the space and the style, be somewhat formal, and inspire relaxation and cooking. Hope someone has better luck than I have. I'll gladly respond to questions.
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