Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Potager

It's been one of those days. You know the kind where everything is 1/2 inch off. Nothing tragic, but when you go to set you coffee mug on the table you smack the edge, spilling coffee all over everything, because the table was just a wee bit taller than you remember. It was probably because of the storm. We are under a severe weather warning. We could get anywhere from one inch to eleven inches of snow over the next couple of days, depending on who you listen to an which end of their range you believe. I'm hoping for less than 11 but more than 1. If we are down in the 1 inch range it will come with 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice. Not a fun thing.

The storm and weather warnings closed all the schools in our area this morning. Made for a slow start to the day. We spent some time vicariously gardening with our friends at HGTV (best we can do in January.) THAT started a discussion about what we were going to grow this year. I've just finished my planting calendar and seed order (soon to be a post) so I could tell everyone what was on the plan. Apparently, that plan was for Dad's garden. What about all the cool stuff, and what about kitchen stuff closer to the house, and what about all the teas we want to try to make, and .... So it comes out that my garden plan is a bit too production oriented. I focus on things I know will work through out the season, scheduling planting times and amounts so I have a harvest for the market every week. The garden is laid out to facilitate that kind of production. This wasn't what my harried and budding cooks and gardeners wanted. They wanted to be able to walk out the kitchen door and be inspired. My gardens were half way across the farm and they needed to clear things with me before they picked much. Not friendly.

Since I exist to make people happy (not everyone, mind you, but a very select few) I moved the idea of a door step, kitchen garden onto my priority list. After dropping several sheets of drywall on my head, smashing a couple of fingers, and breaking at least one glass, I called it a day and settled in to think about Potagers. After several sessions of consulting with the important decision makers in this project I'll post a plan and we will follow it through its creation to where ever we end up. Something you are all looking forward to, I'm sure. Guess I'll be buying Designing The New Kitchen Garden by Jennifer Bartley.
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