Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reading Lists

I'm still stealing moments to read Human and plumb the intricacies of the human brain and its implicatitions for our exploration of humanity, but most of my reading time is taken up by the Foaling Primer by Cynthia McFarland. It is getting us through these first weeks of "oh my gosh, we have a baby to deal with. From my position as a clueless horse owner, I'd recomend it.

Also discovered Good Neighbors today. We have been watching the show for years, feeling slightly like the folks the story was based on. But today we met the neighbors (they only live 7 miles away). They stopped with the farrier and chatted about ponies and country life. They agreed to put us on their schedule (they have 11 horses so the farrier comes to them on a schedule, and we are on the way.) On their way back to take the farrier home (amish don't drive and he lives 25 miles from us) they stopped to offer a baby pony halter they had had made. You cant buy halters that small in any of the tack shops around here. The offer was for this one and any others we might need as Franny grows. Guess I shouldnt make rude gestures at all the SUVs that go zooming by.


Quel said...

we LOVE that show!

how wonderful about the tack.

Alan said...

Quel, Interesting to find you here under this name, I'm used to following your adventures in Gritty Pretty. Thanks for stopping by. We also love Good Neighbors. It's not so much fun to be identified that way. We are also known as the 'Mother Earth' farm by ex-readers of that mag. They see us doing what they read about in the 70's and laugh as they drive by.

Quel said...

alan, just for the record i'm not just stopping by. i read every word. i'm just a horrid commenter.

there are ex-readers of Mother Earth? there must be a story behind that...

you are living the beautiful life.
(and the "good" life ha!)

flowergardengirl said...

OH...your life sounds hard and rewarding. I was interested in hearing what you had to say about a good book. I can't say I'll be needing a little foal book but glad you do.

I was interested because I went looking for a book tonight on Martha Washington. I had to order it as the book store didn't have a single one in stock. In fact, the only book on president's wives was that of Mary Todd Lincoln.

tansy said...

"Guess I shouldnt make rude gestures at all the SUVs that go zooming by."

haha, i thought i was the only one who did that!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Yes, but did you also pick up a copy of the new "Donkey Companion" by Sue Weaver? This'll be a must have for you now, too. :-)
What do farriers charge in your parts, anyway? Out here, it's $35 a trim. Sometimes with a trip fee attached.

Alan said...

Farmgirl_dk, I guess I will have to expand my already bulging library. Thanks for the excuse. Don't know what is standard here for farriers, but ours charges $10 a trim and $15 for teeth, but you have to go pick him up. He lives about 30 miles away, but there are several of us on the schedule now, so it isn't much of a burden.


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