Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Farrier comes to visit

The farrier came today, Brigid's hooves needed some attention. Our farrier, Alvan, doesn't like working in stalls or barns. We had to bring the pony out to the yard where he could work with her. We also had to bring Franny. First time with a halter on. (I made the halter, there wasn't one available at any of the tack shops that would fit her.) She did really well, as did J and R who were incharge of keeping her happy while Alvan (our Amish farrier who didn't want to be photographed) worked.

We have confermation (without genetic testing) from the vet and the farrier that Franny has Donkey blood. Don't know if it is a family trait or if she is a mule. It doesn't matter to us. Alvan said she was worth more than her mother because of the donkey blood. That is only true if she is for sale (which she is not!) Danni and Barbee both thought she looked a lot like a donkey. We will love her regardless. I'm sure she can still be a good cart pony, which is all we want.
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