Friday, January 9, 2009


We went to Lowe's today and got a new, super efficient water heater. It is only an hours drive to get to Lowe's, but none of the stores closer had a water heater worth installing. While we were in the "big city" (Zanesville, look it up if you need to know my definition of city.) we did all the other shopping that needed to be done. That took half the day. By the time we got home it had started to snow. We had about an inch on the ground, and it was coming down pretty fast. I backed the truck up to the porch so I could unload the new water heater. At that point the kids pointed out the the box said it should only be moved by two or more people. I looked around for help, but didn't see any. No matter, Mr. Right, Mr. Left, and I could handle the job. Collectively, we got the water heater out of the truck, up the porch steps (can't actually get that close with a truck), through the kitchen, dining room, down the rickety basement stairs, and across the still muddy basement "floor" to where it needed to be installed. (See, we have no labor problem here. There is nothing Mr. R and Mr. L can't handle.)

So, now the water is heating and we are kicked back by the stove enjoying the snow. (Of course, we have yet to go out and do the chores...)



This is how you enjoy the snow!
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