Friday, January 9, 2009

Sometimes all you can do is laugh

Redecorating the Living Room

The living room is now ready for it's new ceiling. All the old plaster and lath is down, nails are all pulled, additional electric is run (we opted not to have a central overhead light when we initially did the living room so we wouldn't destroy the plaster. That is no longer an issue.) and the clean-up is complete. I managed to get it done without making the rest of the house totally unlivable. Everything seemed to work the way I planned. I even got the crown molding off without destroying it which should save us a bunch of money.

So, one successful day complete. Time for a shower and dinner. I retire to the bathroom, turn on the shower and prepare to wash away a days worth of plaster grit, dust, and grime. I reach into the shower to check the water temp before climbing in (I'm a wimp when it comes to water temp.) and it is COLD. Feels like liquid ice. After the appropriate verbal response shouted into the void I got dressed in my grimy, dusty work clothes and went to assess the problem. Guess what? The water heater died. The people who owned the house before us had installed the cheapest water heater they could find. I knew that we would be replacing it at some point, but 8:30 pm, desperately in need of a shower wasn't the time I'd have chosen. I should be impressed. The warranty on the water heater was good for 5 years and it lasted 11. But I'm not.

At this point all I could do was laugh and 'enjoy' a tepid sponge bath that only served to make the dust into very sticky mud.

My work list has been suddenly re-prioritized.
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