Friday, February 20, 2009

Addendum to the previous post

I missed my introduction. It is Blue and Gold time. The Grand Night of Cub Scouts. Second only the the Pine-Wood Derby (coming next month!) We all get together to celebrate a year of scouting. There will be skits, awards, and a CAKE AUCTION! It's supposed to be a parent/son effort. Our Scout, R, has decided that he wants to be Duff when he grows up. We are learning all about fondant, gum paste, coloring, and exploding cakes. Who knew.

So, we have a table full of gum paste creatures and foliage that is supposed to be drying. That is where the whole fire issue came in. Having a house that sub 50's most of the time doesn't really help the cake decorating efforts.

The fire is working. We have scrounged enough wood that will fit to get us through the next few days. The chainsaw will come out and we will trim the firewood. But the extra effort is costly. So, long live sustainability, self-sufficiency, and exploding cakes.
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