Monday, February 23, 2009

Stock Pot Post

The stock pot has been simmering on the back of the stove for the past 24 hours. The smell is incredible. This is a "new" adventure for us. I've made stock before, but never in the traditional way, a bit of this, the end of that, simmering away until you need some. It is interesting how all the bits blend and produce such a wonderful smell and taste.

Stock Pot Bubbling

This post was supposed to be about the Patio Farm. My plan is done, but the scanner is not cooperating, so I have little to show. So, instead of my description without visuals, I'm posting about all the other bits happily bubbling away on the back burner.

Cake. Watch out Duff, the Cub Scouts of Cake are gunning for your job (or at least their moms are). The cakes at the Blue and Gold were great, but none was as obviously Cub Scout done as R's Jungle Scouts cake. I got the mixing bowl down for him, helped him with the oven, and rolled out the fondant. He did everything else, with a little sculpting and paint help from his sister and mom.

Watch out Duff

Jungle Scouts

Franny. I had a request for "more pictures of Franny on the Web". So here are a few. She has a bit of a respiratory infection right now and has been lounging about all day (after getting poked by the vet in all sorts of uncomfortable ways.) The vet is being pretty aggressive in her treatment as the infection seems to be causing swelling in her joints. Worried about septicemia. Hope we can solve this as fast as it came on.
Anny and Franny
Under the weather

Everything else is creeping along, waiting for the weather to give us a break. Getting above freezing would be a good start.
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