Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eco-farming - The Next Generation

One of the things we've struggled with as we develop our little eco-farm is the lack of information. Once there was a vast reservoir of knowledge, skills, methods, tried and true small farming information. It wasn't written down. It was passed from parent to child, from master to apprentice, shared with neighbors, and preserved in the stories of the old as they rocked and chatted on the front porch. Most of it is lost now. Some bits are being gathered and compiled. Some things are being rediscovered or reinvented. Other things we may just luck into or we may not. Collecting these treasures is one of my passions. Sharing them is another. I inflict it on my kids, my wife, the neighbors, people at the farm stand, anyone in my general area who stands still long enough I can get a thought out.

To further this mission of sharing information we are starting an education center here at the farm. This summer we will start with a series of day camps for kids. We will offer one day camps and a Junior Farmer camp. All of it will be hands on, kid oriented fun. All of it will also help kids connect with nature, farming, gardening, and pass on some of the skills and passion we have found.

We also collect farming and gardening information, especially things that are formatted for kids. This week we got our first issue of Herbal Roots, by Kristine Brown. The kids love it. I'm excited to see some information coming out about herbs, their history, their growing, and their uses, that is specifically aimed at kids. I like it because it is appropriate for kids, but it isn't watered down. The information is real, detailed, and fun. If you have kids and love herbs you should check it out.

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