Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Psychological Barriers

Strange juxtapositions in my world today. I'd intended to do two things today, plant in the greenhouse and write about all the bits I'm behind on. I didn't get to either. Instead I spent the day catching up on myriad other bits and chasing STUPID animals. In the few minutes of "down time" I had I listened to NPR and watched a bit of CNN. Out of this chaos came enlightenment.

I'll try to explain a bit because if I jump to the realization it wont make sense.

NPR and CNN both went on, ad nauseum, about the economy, the failing banks, the stimulus, etc. Somewhere in the mix was one of the talking heads for GM saying that they wouldn't even break even until 11,000,000 (that's eleven million for those of us who are a bit numerically impaired) consumers bought new cars in one year. (Sorry I can't support this part of the stimulus program, I have two perfectly good cars, both at least 10 years old and paid for. Not perfect but for a few hundred dollars a year I can keep them reliable. I don't need a new car or the guilt of not being a team player because I didn't mortgage my kids future to buy one.)

While I was listening to this CRAP I looked out the window. There was Chuck waltzing through the garden looking for something yummy to eat. All the goats were looking longingly over the fence at him, wondering if they could find something yummy too. I snatched on my boots and raced out to put Chuck back inside the fence. It's an electric fence. It hurts a lot if you touch it. The goats know this and don't touch it. Chuck is destine to be steak (or at least hamburger). He wasn't selected for his brains. He saw green and walked through the fence, despite the pain. STUPID!!!

That's the plan to jump-start the economy. We have to walk through the fence despite the pain. grit your teeth, go against anything that makes sense, spend more and let your kids or their kids figure out how to pay for it. Economy fixed.

I say NO!


inadvertent farmer said...

I swear I have had to quit watching the news it makes me absolutely crazy...seriously angry! I will not spend more than I have, I have never spent more than I have. My folks brought me up to think credit if for two things...buying a house or financing your education. That's it, those are the only two reasons to go into debt. If you can't afford it...don't buy it...duh. How hard can it be?

Why is it that our government cannot do the same? We (our government) is borrowing not only from foreign countries to finance this so called bailout but worse they are financing it on the back of our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

I say it should be a lesson learned and endured. Like your goat we should stand up, take the pain, and learn from our folly...not punish the future generations for our greed and stupidity! Kim car is 15 years old and runs like a champ. No new cars for me...sorry GM

Kat Wolfdancer said...

OH! I say NAY ! NAY! Verily NAY! as well! My two trucks are OLD old as dirt.. One is as old as the soil I use it to haul.. 1972 Ford F-150 The other is my reliable 1987second-engine 295,000 mile Toyota. I'm going to give these work horses up to the rendering factory for a new car that I can't afford? I think NOT! So be it if that makes me "not a team player". What this makes me is a responsible citizen of Earth.

I dunno.. Maybe it's because I form a .. RELATIONSHIP with my vehicles. They aren't just "cars", they are Family Members, with history. The Ford was my Husband's, and his Uncle's. My husband just recently died. This truck helped us move to our new Home in Oregon. The Toyota is a prototype Forerunner (I only WISH it was 4X4!!) seats five, with room enough for the Song Dogs. It has a factory-installed roll bar & a shell. It gets decent mileage, and runs like a Timex. Why should I send them to the Rendering Plant just because Detroit says I "need to" in order to help them recover?

I don't get it.


Jan Steinman said...

Hey, I don't have a vehicle that isn't old enough to drink! The most reliable of the lot is a '91 Dodge Cummins pickup -- just runs and runs and runs. I plan to run it out to half a million miles -- over the next 50 years!


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