Monday, February 16, 2009

"...when death is on the line."

Kids and knives. Cub Scouts. Shavings and Chips has come around and we are in pocket knife mode. So, how do you teach an eight year old about knives, safety, and political correctness. Growing up we all had knives and guns. No one ever got hurt because we all went through training and lived with them every day. Guns and knives caused real, irreparable damage. That was what you learned when you were eight, ten, or at least by the time you were twelve. If you killed it you ate it. That was the world I grew up in. So, now it is time to help my kids with their first real knives. Knives that are illegal in most schools, airports, malls, stores, public spaces, etc. They are sharp. I spent the past hour with a tissue pressed against a nick on a finger from a carving demonstration. So, we have an adapted knife pledge from the Bear Cub Scout book. Both kids Girl - J and Boy R are doing this program. We went out and got knives today. Not the Swiss Army type, but basic two blade pocket knives. Both kids have the basic safety rules down and have started their basic skills demonstration carving. (I bought a 12 pack of shower size Ivory soap for them to use.) All three of us are sporting band-aids covering nicks from carving demonstrations. Neither feel ready to take responsibility for the knifes we bought for them. THAT is a GOOD thing.
These are REAL tools that they are learning to use and respect. This is the way to safe respectful use as adults.
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