Monday, March 2, 2009

Alan's Soapbox - The "Economy"

I heard a economic annalist (now there's a job! Almost as good as being a weatherperson. You can be dead wrong most of the time and they still pay you.) the other day commenting on the global economic down-turn and what was needed to fix the problem. He said that American Consumers were the driving force of the global economy and nothing would get better until they regained their confidence and started buying things again. So, it is my fault the economy is in the dumps. I only buy what I absolutely need. I don't buy on credit. I repair what I can, or hire someone else to do it. If it can't be fixed I re-purpose it. I live within my means. I'm pretty sure I didn't run up billions of dollars of bad debt and then default on it, hands out to the government for help. I'm pretty sure none of the economic bailout money will come to me or make my life one jot easier.

I suppose if I was a good citizen I would accept the credit card offers that show up in the mail every day, and max out the cards on stuff. I would put on the blinders and buy, buy, buy so the economy would work again and we could all live in the happy bubble, spending our grandkid's money and future.

You can if you like, but I say NO! I'm not responsible for this economic mess. Point your finger of blame somewhere else.
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