Monday, March 2, 2009

The Lion's of March

This year the lion welcoming March is an ice lion. Better that than an ice dragon (they stay much longer, and tend to eat everything), but not pleasant anyway. This morning it was 12.7 deg F at my house. 30 deg in the greenhouse and 34 in the mini-hoop house. Not very nice for starting new plants. The sun is coming out intermittently (when it finds a gap in the flurries), so it should warm up a bit in there. If it stays out too long I'll have to open up the mini hoops. Otherwise everything will cook. At least we are not getting the snow that the coast is getting. Had that last year. Don't want another early spring with snow on the ground.

I must apologize to Susan at Wild Yeast for forgetting the link to her recipe for Taralli. We really enjoyed making and eating them.

Another interesting development at the Roost. I've been asked to be a contributing writer for the collaborative blog Not Dabbling In Normal (formerly Women Not Dabbling In Normal). I'm really excited, and a bit nervous about this. I know what we are doing fits the description, Not Dabbling (glacial sometimes, but never in a dabbling way) and certainly Not Normal, but these are good writers, so I have a high standard to meet. Check it out. I'll be posting on Tuesdays in rotation with another writer.

Franny update. She is doing very well. Took a blood sample in this morning. Waiting on the all clear. She acts like she is better, so that is a good sign.

Franny is feeling better
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