Saturday, March 7, 2009

The best laid plans...

Yesterday I had PLANS. Lots to get done and detailed plan of how to do it all in the allotted time. I had the final skim coat of mud to put on the ceiling, 5 flats of herbs, lettuce, and some greenhouse tomatoes to plant, logs to move so the trees coming for the potager would have a home, kids school to supervise, laundry, baking, and dinner. Lots to do, but I had a plan. First thing, chores. Normally it takes me 45 minutes since we are not milking right now. I feed the chickens and give the ponies, cows, and goats their supplement. When they are done I put them out to pasture with the chickens, throw down a couple bales of hay, and call it done. The animals had a different agenda for the day. I turned them out into the pasture and went to get the hay. When I returned they were all in the chicken coop. I mean the cow, the goats, and even the pony had her head stuck in. They were trying to get the layer mash. They have been sharing the pasture with the chickens for a couple of months now and have completely ignored the coop and the chicken feed. I chased them out the back of the coop they had broken down and pulled the wire up. They wandered over toward the hay and I started back toward the house. I got about 5 steps and they were sprinting back toward the coop. The next hour and a half was spent retraining the goats and cow that the chicken coop was not their space, cobbeling together some repairs the would discourage reentry, and raging at the stupidity of animals in general. After that my plan fell apart and I got only half of the things on the list done. Maybe today the dice will role my way and I'll get caught up...
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