Friday, March 6, 2009

Slaying the Energy Vampires

The Electric bill came in much higher than expected last month. Several things contributed, the cold (extra heaters running to warm some of the corners), and a price increase were probably the two biggest factors. However, our usage was much higher than I expected, and that is a problem we need to address if we are ever going to make the jump to energy independence. We have done all the usual things, turning the thermostat down (off), replacing all the light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, turning things off, buying energy star appliances when we needed something new. So now we are on a quest to eliminate the energy drains you don't see. All the things that are plugged in and sucking power even when they are off. To help us we are adding a new tool to the toolbox. It's a watt meter.

You plug it in the wall and then plug in what ever electric gadget through the meter and it tells you how many watt hours that item draws. It should be interesting to find our energy vampires and slay them.
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