Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Change is coming

There are some regulations coming down the pike that will make our food "safer" and be a "positive" change for all of us. It's called H.R 875. It has the potential to eliminate small growers, Farmer's Markets, and food choices of all kinds. Check it out and tell me what you think. I feel a rant coming on and will have to dig out the old apple crate.


themanicgardener said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Alan; I'll check it out.

Barbara Kingsolver wrote about how current organic certification tends to favor large corporations, in her book Animal Vegetable, Mineral. This sounds like more of the same.

nancybond said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on issues like this, Alan. It's ridiculous.

inadvertent farmer said...

Alan a law similiar was going to be implemented on Feb. 12 for those of us who make things for children. It said basically

Anyone making anything for children must have everything that is in the product tested for lead...

In other words all of us that make and sell handmade clothing, quilts, toys, etc. must pay to have our fabric, thread, snaps, buttons, all tested for lead...each time we got new fabric or a different color thread, test. New buttons...test again.

You get the picture. We all would have had to shut down...much of etsy and a lot of ebay would have been shut down not to mention those of us with our own websites. None of us could have afforded the testing.

We raised such a stink, were thorns in the regulators sides and signed a LOT of petitions and eventually the powers that be cried 'uncle' and didn't implement the stupid thing.

So it can be done if all us small farmers stick together and stand up for ourselves...we could always take our shotguns to protect the farmers markets!!!

The government needs to have it proverbial head pulled out of its proverbial arse.

So do you have to be stupid to be in politics...I'm thinkin' it must be a requirement nowadays. Ughhh Kim

Daphne said...

Rant away. I'll pull up my comfy chair to listen.

The Smiling Dog said...

Thanks Alan,
Just attended the 1st Market Meeting for this year yesterday. I'll pass on the information to all of the growers and powers that be in our area. So, when are we going to be regulated growing food for ourselves? Scarey.


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