Monday, March 16, 2009

Second leaves

It's been a busy weekend. The weather was decidedly OK for a change (at this time of year we don't wish for great, but OK is pretty good). Nice enough to get some things done out in the garden, mostly clearing and prepping beds. It was fun to be out in the air, working the ground, seeing the future laid out and waiting.

In the house things have progressed to touching up the crown molding and spots on the walls, finishing the trim, and final cleaning. All the water damage is fixed with the exception of one spot in the upstairs bedroom (a patch waiting for paint) and the down stairs bathroom (waiting on a few small patches and paint). It will be nice to get it finally done. Back to the beginning is good at this point.

In the greenhouse the first succession plants are getting their second leaves. Soon they will be salad.


First planting, time to thin and weed

Spinach has it's second leaves!

Second planting is filling out

Peas are really starting to grow

The thyme, radicchio, and lettuce are all sprouting in the propagator. The camera kept steaming up so there are no pictures.

My spare time has been spent on reading several bills working their way through congress (I'll be posting on those soon!!!), writing notes for a beginning gardening class I'm teaching tomorrow (a joint effort between the community garden group, Head Start, and a few hippy farmers like me), and writing my post for Not Dabbling In Normal (out tomorrow, you'll have to go there to see what it is.)

We are ordering pavers for the potager paths. Hope to be starting the hard-scape soon.

Waiting on baby goats to be born, rabbits to arrive, and winning the lotto so I can hire some help.
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