Thursday, April 30, 2009

The bunny, The bunny, oh I love the ...

New at the farm last week, BUNNIES!

We now have four of the fuzzy critters. A Dutch, a Holland Lop, and two Champagne D'Argents.


Holland Lop

Mrs. Champagne D'Argent

Mr. Champagne D'Argent

The Champagne's are a meat breed a bit smaller than the New Zealand White. They will be our production rabbits. We will sell most of the babies, and, I hope, eat some of them. I like rabbit but the rest of the family is a bit hesitant.

The Dutch and the Holland Lop are 4H projects for the kids. We may breed them at some point, but this year they are just learning to care for them and show them.

And so, another adventure begins at the Roost.
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