Thursday, April 30, 2009

The bunny, The bunny, oh I love the ...

New at the farm last week, BUNNIES!

We now have four of the fuzzy critters. A Dutch, a Holland Lop, and two Champagne D'Argents.


Holland Lop

Mrs. Champagne D'Argent

Mr. Champagne D'Argent

The Champagne's are a meat breed a bit smaller than the New Zealand White. They will be our production rabbits. We will sell most of the babies, and, I hope, eat some of them. I like rabbit but the rest of the family is a bit hesitant.

The Dutch and the Holland Lop are 4H projects for the kids. We may breed them at some point, but this year they are just learning to care for them and show them.

And so, another adventure begins at the Roost.


our friend Ben said...

Love bunnies, especially the Dutch and chinchilla and... I have a number of redwood hutches in my chicken setup, the Pullet Palace and Bunny Pavilion, and have enjoyed raising bunnies (usually rescued from shelters about now, after the Easter bunny thrill has worn off) and applying their perfectly balanced 'pellets' to my garden beds. Amazing how affectionate bunnies can be!

Shibaguyz said...

You GOTTA get some bunnies for combing out there fur and spinning!! Now you're gonna have HEEPS of bunny compost too… Watch those bunnies though. Ever been bunny thumped in the gut? Not fun. Put me on the ground. Thought it broke a freakin' rib!
I'm sure that won't happen with your cute little bunnies… btw, I LOVE bunny… er… rabbit stew. :)

Michelle said...

Did you actually name a bunny that you intend to eat?! :D

Alan said...

No, we don't usually name our food animals. The named rabbits will be the parents of the ones that get eaten. We have named some of the beef animals we have had. Wellington, Porter(house), Chuck(roast) etc. Should be easier with the rabbits. They will be here a much shorter time, and they should be pretty hard to tell apart. Should have our first batch of babies in a few more weeks.

Michelle said...

*giggle* Someday I want to have a chicken named "Nugget".

Anonymous said...

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