Monday, May 11, 2009


We have been going flat out here for the past two weeks. The farmer's market started the first Saturday of May and had us hopping to be ready. Week two, this past Saturday, went smother, but was much busier. We are hopeful that things will continue to pick up at the market. We tripled our sales the second week. (obviously we can't do that every week, but I'd like to at least double last weeks sales by the end of the month.)

The kids are in the home stretch for school. We can't wait to be done. It's been a good year, but we all need a break.

The potager is creeping towards completion.

On a political note, the president made me laugh. That's a change over the past president. (He made me laugh too, but it was at him (in a grim sort of way) rather than with him.) The tracker shows no movement on the bills I've been following, but they haven't gone away. No movement means they are in committee getting fine tuned. People concerned about the continued availability of locally produced food should be in contact with the committees and their state reps. When they come out of committee it will be too late for the little guys. I was interviewed by Robynne Boyd from Mother Nature Network about the potential impact of these bills on small farmers. Check out what she wrote and stay informed. We all need to be active on this issue, or it will get passed into law as it is and create a real mess in the future.

Tomorrow I'm posting about small farms and the future on Not Dabbling In Normal. I'll post a link and a few more details then.


nancybond said...

The potager is creeping towards... exquisite! What an amazing job you've done -- this is going to look spectacular! Can't wait to see it when it's done and planted. Good work!

Michelle said...

Looking wonderful!

Olive said...

Looks GREAT!! I see you are still over-working the supervisor !!! (LOL)

Sue said...

I just love that potager. I'm so looking forward to seeing it all planted. Best of luck at the market.

our friend Ben said...

It looks amazing, Alan! Wow. Congratulations!!!! Glad the market's going well. And like Olive, I was cheered to see that the supervisor was still on-site!

David in Kansas said...

So much like my potager! Just kidding...I don't have one. I just wish I knew how to do stuff like this.
Your potager is the kind they show in magazines.


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