Friday, April 17, 2009

Day Interrupted

Today we had a project. It was a must do. Of course the kids had school, next week is OAT's so we were all stressing and focused on test taking skills. But, the project, which has been on the list for a month and a half, had to get finished today. Somehow, in the rush to do it the camera didn't make it into the tool box, so there are no pictures of the process. (Kim, at The Inadvertant Farmer would be appalled, somehow she always manages to have her camera and get great shots.) Today's project was a RCU (rabbit containment unit (actually 6 units, space to grow.)) Only two things on the list, well maybe three. The kids did have a tap class in the afternoon. Still, should be OK. School went well. The kids seem ready for next week. Then we unload the lumber, wire, etc. from the truck and start. As soon as the saw starts E, the obsessive mower from across the road, gets off his mower and comes over to see what we are doing (he is interested because we have lots of projects - barn restoration, year three; house painting: year two; and now the whole front yard is torn up and bordered with piles of brick, sand, and chaos.) We chatted about rabbits, projects, and mowing while he smoked a couple. He's contribution was, "You should have told me you were looking for rabbit pens, I just gave away two." (I'm sorry, that just isn't something that comes up in conversation, especially when you don't talk with the person that often.) The next interruption, 30 minutes later, was C the 4H leader. Apparently we hadn't tuned in all our paperwork for this year ( I'm pretty sure we are still working on some of last years stuff, rather like taxes...) It had to be done today, so she waited for me to find it and fill it out. Then she wanted to chat about the donkey and ask if the 4H group could borrow it tomorrow for a "Family Fun Day". I said ........

THEN the unemployed truck driver from down the road came over to see what we were doing...

I needed to get the kids to their dance class, pick up a trailer to so I can move the cow to Steve's, and FINISH the RCU (rabbit hutch). The phone rang, it was the gravel co. informing me that the gravel I ordered for the first of the week would be here in the afternoon. Another 19 tons, for the foundation of the retaining wall, the edgers, another walk, and the driveway. JOY!

It's now 9:45 pm. The cow got moved, the kids danced, we had dinner, the chores got done, but the RCU is only 3/4 finished. I guess the new rabbits will have to wait for an hour or so tomorrow while we finish the doors.

I did get some surprise blooms in the gh today. Picts tomorrow.
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