Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ways of seeing

Every once in a while the weird threads in my life cross in an interesting way. I'm not fast enough to catch the epiphany that accompanies such an experience, but...

Today I ordered the edger blocks and the retaining wall for our potager. I wanted several hundred feet of a certain kind of block, the really nice fellow I talked to on the phone heard something else. When I arrived to confirm everything (key in my small town) it wasn't what I expected, BUT it would look great and was half the price! GIVE THE GUY A RAISE! Still more than I wanted to spend, but the cheep stuff looked like... the cheep stuff. So, I ordered the stuff the nice fellow suggested. Hope he gets a raise.

C came home complaining about teachers who didn't hear what she was saying, and then went on to tell me about how they implemented things she had been pushing for a year.

Sometimes I think we get caught up in our own filters of the way the world should be and don't really see the way the world is.

C gets this at work a lot. I get this at home. We want ABC, but we get abc. It is a step toward what we want. The kids are processing what we want, we just have to be willing to see the smaller steps. (OK, that was way to much personal processing. Probably should delete it)

Chocolate duck!

One of the teachers who loves C and everything she brings to the classroom gave her this....
Good fodder for someones psych class.

On a much more mundane note, we recently purchased (at auction, unbeknown to me) a loom. It is a $3500.00 (rather large) floor loom. (we got it for $45.00, pretty bloody good I think! except we don't know how to weave!) So we got this unplanned loom home, and found that the potager we had been planning for months didn't allow us to back the truck up to the back door. 600 lbs of loom carried 50 yards pointed out the flaw in our planning.


The loom will be great! We are already visioning the implications. BUT, the part we missed was getting it from point A to point B. Planning in KEY. You have to think of EVERYTHING. EVEN STUFF YOU DIDN'T THINK OF!
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