Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today I grumbled about the hysteria surrounding Food Safety Legislation. The chatter on the net is filled with such theories of Grand Conspiracies. I think it gets in the way of rational discussion of the problems with the proposed legislation. When I arrived here (Bioneers) I found another tirade against the Monsanto consortium and their bid to take over the world. I was about to comment when this link popped up on my desktop (a link from a conversation at Wildlife Gardeners-On the heels of HR875). Another 12 bills to add to the 5 I was already following and trying to be rational about. Maybe a bit of hysteria is called for. It does seem that someone is trying to ram "food safety" legislation down our throats. Maybe we should be wondering why!

I find it passing strange that I'm writing about politics. In the political season I didn't and two bloggers I really respect (Jack and Sheria)did. I sniped at their posts, playing the cynic. Now they blog about their lives and I scramble to keep up with the politics. Justice, I suppose.
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