Friday, April 3, 2009

Potager Construction - Day 3 - Straight and Square

On day 2 of the potager construction project a lot of digging and dirt moving got done by the little yellow digger. It was great!

Unfortunately, even though we had carefully laid out the plan with marker paint on the grass, and flags for the driver of the little yellow digger to line up on, our lines didn't end up very straight. They looked pretty nice, as you galloped by, but they turned out to be way off. Guess the driver couldn't drive very straight.

Day three was spent with a string, stakes, tape measure, and lots of fussing trying to get things at least close to straight and square. They are still off by a few inches, but close enough for farm work.

The sand arrived. It's the big pile in the upper right of the above picture. We'll spread a couple of inches as a bed for the pavers, level it, and then build a giant jigsaw puzzle. The pavers don't arrive until next week, so we are not moving any sand for a while. Should give me time to get caught up on a few other things and get the garden beds in shape. We have trees in pots waiting to get in the ground.
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