Monday, April 6, 2009


Today's plan was to pull the mulch back on the lavender beds, the strawberries, and the asparagus. With the run of warm days we have had things are starting to break dormancy. I want to get things cleared off the first two so they don't start growing too fast, and so they don't rot. The asparagus isn't quite as critical, it will push through the mulch pretty well. It did go on a bit deep this past fall, and I wanted to clear some of it.

The first lavender bed has six Provence variety plants which are three years old. All but one seem to have made it in fine shape.

The one on the end seems to have had a lot of damage. The wind comes around that corner quite fiercely and probably shifted the leaf mulch enough that it got a bit colder than the rest. That any of them survived this past winter is amazing. We had too many nights below -20 F and plenty of days that never got above 0. Not the kind of weather lavender usually prefers.

By the time I got this first bed mostly cleaned out it was snowing. Guess I won't do the other beds. They are more exposed, and the shock would probably be pretty hard on them. Maybe Wednesday.
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