Sunday, April 5, 2009

Potager Construction - Day 4 - Trees

The bare root fruit trees we ordered for the potager arrived more than a week ago. I had originally planned to put them in the ground and work around them. I'm SO glad I didn't do that! What a nightmare that would have been.

Unfortunately, it has been too warm and they are starting to break dormancy. Not a good thing. So today, instead of resting as was intended, we worked on the garden beds in the potager and got the trees in the ground.

Here's how it went.

The beginning. The beds are pretty rough from all the construction.

We tilled, raked, picked weeds and grass out, raked, tilled, raked ...

Sandy supervised.

When it was all basically smooth we arranged the trees and planted.
(I put them in pots the other day to protect the roots and give them a bit more moisture.)

Then the inspectors arrived to check our work and eat any stray bugs.

After that it was clean-up time, then chores, dinner, dishes, showers, etc. Somewhere along the way the "Day Of Rest" got lost. Maybe next week.
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