Friday, July 24, 2009

The Day After Slam-dancing With A Bull

OK, he isn't really a bull, but he has all the attitude, size, and hard headed stupidity of one.

I spent the day limping around. My thigh is quite bruised and my hip hurts a lot. Chuck was pretty oblivious, still wanting to play. But he did settle right down when I flicked the end of the lead at his nose. I must have connected at some point yesterday.

It seems that Jack was right about the squash. Vine Borer. The small squash is dead. The large healthy squash is wilting and will be dead by Sunday. Should have planted more last week. There is still time so we will plant tomorrow after market, and then again in a week or so. I've tried everything in the past, injecting bt, slitting the vine and picking out grubs, and all kinds of deterrents. Nothing has worked. (I know there are products that would "solve" the problem, but I wouldn't want to eat the squash such a plant produced.)

I spent some of the morning up on the ladder finishing up some painting. Only half the house left to do. Hope my leg stops hurting soon so I can finish.

We have had lots of good responses to our fudge flavor contest (see the side bar for the link). One more link before the voting. My favorite so far is Thai Chili Peanut Butter. Also had a request for a Guinness Black and Tan fudge and a Bacon Chocolate fudge. I'm trying to work out how to create those. I've pretty much got the Black and Tan figured out, but the Bacon has me baffled. It should be quite a show at the market next week. Hope we come home with some winners.


Daphne said...

I gave up growing pumpkins because of that nasty SVB. This year I'm only growing winter squash that is C. moschata. They are resistant to them. I can only hope that I get some kind of winter squash this year. I also hope to get some summer squash. Usually it has produced a lot by this time, but so far with out weirdly cold weather I've only gotten my first one today. It is the time the borers strike here too. I hope they live since I still need a lot of zucchini.

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Since we have had problems in the past, I need to get busy and figure out the best approach as well.


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