Monday, July 27, 2009

Life in the test kitchen

WOW! I never realized how hard it is to create a product that captures the flavor you want. We have had some successes, but I'm feeling a bit like Edison in the failure department. I know lots of ways to not make certain kinds of fudge. Most of them are just a matter of getting the right intensity of flavor and dealing with the way the flavoring affects the setting process. It changes the cooking temp but I'm never sure how. (Guess cooking school would be a useful thing at some point.) There are a few that are just giving me fits. Today it was apple pie fudge. If I use real apples, or apple products like cider or sauce there is so much pectin in it that it really does weird things. I won't make it with artificial apple flavor (what's the point), and getting it to have enough apple to be noticed and still set like fudge has been impossible so far. The other one that has me completely baffled is the bacon chocolate. It is an intriguing idea, but I can't quite get my brain around making it into fudge. It probably won't happen before Saturday (the day of tasting and voting and the Coshocton Farmers Market.)

Everything else is going well. The kids did brilliantly in their goat skillathon (a test of goat knowledge that is part of their 4H project). Now we can refocus on Archery for the State Fair next week. JJ won the county 4H Archery project and is going on to the State Fair. We are all quite excited.

Now it is time to sleep, dream of fudge, and hopefully find some answers...
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