Saturday, August 1, 2009

Voting Day at the Market

We had a great response to our Fudge Flavors Contest. Forty new flavor suggestions were sent in. I wanted to try them all, but the saner member of our team talked me into cutting the list down to a more manageable size. She suggested five, I wanted twelve. We ended up making nine. That was a lot of new flavors to make in a week. Last night we cut and prepped for the market and eliminated two because they didn't set properly (more on that later). So we went to market with our standard 6 flavors for sale and 7 new flavors for people to vote on.

Here's what went;

  • Vanilla Latte from Daphne
  • Bacon Chocolate from Sara
  • Apple Pie from CC
  • Black and Tan from Alan
  • Chocolate Espresso from Marie
  • Thai Chili Peanut from Alan
  • Chocolate Mint from Jenny

There were others we wanted to make but didn't because of time, cost, or inability to concoct a recipe that worked. Several would not set including two we planned to take, an Orange and a Chai. I think the extra acid made them react differently. I'll have to work on that for the future.

We had a great response at market today. One hundred and fifty people voted (that might not seem like a lot, but it is huge for our little farmers market.) We sold out of fudge. It was great!

Now the results...

  1. Apple Pie 39 votes
  2. Chocolate Espresso 34 votes
  3. Vanilla Latte 31 votes
  4. Bacon Chocolate 16 votes
  5. Thai Chili Peanut 16 votes
  6. Mint Chocolate 3 votes

So the winning flavor is Apple Pie!!!!!!!!!! We will be making this one from now on. However we will also be making Chocolate Espresso, Vanilla Latte, Bacon Chocolate, and Thai Chili Peanut (the last two in smaller quantities). We will be sending out fudge to Daphne, Marie, and Sara (CC and Alan both work here so their entries don't count for the free fudge.)

Congratulations and Thanks to all who participated. It will take about a week to get the new fudge up on the online store. So, be patient, it will be available soon.


Daphne said...

Yum apple pie. That sounds delicious. My mind keeps going to lemon basil flavor. It makes a good ice cream. Might make a good fudge. It would probably have the problems that orange has though. It is too acidic and probably curdles the milk. I could probably list off a million other flavors that I would want to try (like gingersnap, wouldn't that be yummy?). OK I'd better stop now. I can't wait to try the vanilla latte flavor. My husband and I will fight over who gets to eat it all.

Alan said...

Daphne, glad to fill the gap in your tradition! Strangely enough, we make a lemon chocolate fudge that is, "excelent" (Gene, one of our customers who buys it by the pound). We have no problems with the acid, but the flavor comes mostly from zest not juice. The juice has given us fits.

Sara, If you are following this please email me at so we can get you your fudge.

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Please tell me that you'll have plenty of fudge for sale for Christmas presents. I'm counting on you!


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