Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alan' Soapbox - Damn Microbiologists!

I thought I was mostly done with this topic. I'd ranted. I'd detailed my take on the proposed "guidelines" and sent them in to the government. (Those are coming in a post this week, but we are busy with the fair, and I don't have time.) I'd even consulted a blogger friend who is well versed in the law and the machinations of the system. I thought I was done. Then my blogger friend, Jack, who is usually a voice of sustainability, sanity, and ancient wisdom, posted about the "ten riskiest foods". Jack teaches microbiology at some sort of medical school. But he also writes brilliantly about sustainability, local food, rain catchment, etc. My kind of guy, smart, earthy, a bit over the edge. But then he posts about the dangers of washed, cut lettuce. That is the kind of thinking that got market gardeners shut down in Texas and recently in Ohio. Maybe our brilliant medical/scientific community should spend some time looking at the differences between the "fresh cut" greens you get at the store or in a restaurant and the fresh (cut and washed this morning) greens you get at the farmers market. Yes there is the potential for a problem with cut greens, but the way the research is published and interpreted into regulations will put small, local farmers out of business. Then all we will be left with is the "fresh" greens at the Super Walmart. Check out Jacks post and tell him what you think.
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