Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rules of the road

Seems my soapbox is getting a bit over used lately. Perhaps it's time for me to climb off before I fall on my ass.

First, apologies. Jack-of-all -thumbs, sorry for ranting about you and about microbiologists in general. I wasn't thinking clearly and clicked post when I should have waited. I didn't mean to attack you, your blog or microbiologists (who do a lot of needed, brilliant work). I've been banging my head against a bureaucratic wall on the issue of food safety and the way "regulations" are being applied to small, local producers in my area. I was tired, angry, and lashed out in the wrong direction.

Second, I adding a new rule to my "rules of the road" list. Along with "not texting while driving" (I can't imagine trying that, texting is enough of a challenge for me when I'm sitting still with no distractions) , I'm adding "No posting while angry."

There is a giant, screaming rant burining in my brain, just trying to get out. I feel like railing against the world for allowing stupid bureaucrats to force small local producers (who for the most part produce only a few hundred pounds of cut greens a year) to meet the same requirements as large scale producers and packers. I'm not angry about clean food. I'm all for that. But rather than educating the little guys and helping them adopt methods to ensure their products are safe the DOH in my state is putting people out of business because they don't have separate facilities to process and pack their produce. The list goes way beyond that, but I'm putting my soapbox away for a while until I can be rational.
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