Friday, October 16, 2009

Blogger Action Day - Climate Change - NOW WHAT?

So, more than 13,000 blogs chimed in for Blogger Action Day. What a great response. Now what? Now is the time to act. WE caused climate change. WE must change what we do on a daily basis if we expect to see a change.

My best moments of the day were my daughters post, and Sheria's post. Two people I respect jumped into the conversation and got involved. For me that was a successful day. I poked and ranted lots of places trying to get people involved, but only these two acted. I'm proud to have been a part of their involvement.

Now it is time to get off your butt and do something.

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our friend Ben said...

Hey, we did two climate-related posts over at Poor Richard's that day! And yow, I tried over and over to comment on your daughter's delightful post and your own post, but unlike today, the wretched word ID thingy never would come up for either post (grrr). As you say, now it's time to stop talking and start walking.


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