Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogger Action Day - Follow-up Thoughts

I ranted a bit about the lack of participation among bloggers I know. Stepped on some toes. Sorry. There were lots of people who participated. It was great. I guess what set me off was the lack of participation by some groups I've been active with, and from whom I expected more. Bioneers is one group that springs to mind. I know I actively encouraged people to get involved, and no one did. (rant, rant, rant...)

Anyway, time to move on.

Sheria, over at The Examined Life, posted about her efforts to reduce carbon and posted the results from the Nature Conservancy Carbon Footprint Calculator. Then Jack-of-all-thumbs from the Self-Sufficient Steward posted his score from the same calculator. Sheria beat him by a point. So, I had to give it a try. Mine came in at 15 tons yearly for me and 54 tons for my whole family (the second car and it's miles driven killed us.) Mostly because we don't do much in the way of cooling the house, and we heat as efficiently as possible (only heating part of the house, and using locally grown fire wood for that.) The calculator doesn't get into much detail on heating options. It also doesn't look at water processing, for drinking or waste, growing your own food, thermostat settings, alternative transportation, or a whole host of other things people might be doing. Still a long way to go to get to ZERO, but we are on our way.

What's your carbon footprint? What are you doing to reduce it? Calculate it at TNC.
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