Monday, October 12, 2009

Garlic Planting Time

It is Garlic Planting Time at our house. This year we are putting in a lot of garlic. Most of it will be in the large 4' x 60' market garden beds. A few special types (Ontario Purple Trillum, Chesnok Red, and Elephant), along with some French and Gray Shallots are getting planted in one of the potager.

Here is the potager bed all prepared.

JJ planting garlic on a 6 inch grid.

We will mulch the whole bed with straw when it gets a little colder. The garlic will grow right through the straw. It should do just fine here where it wont get too much wind.

P.S. In the market garden bed we have about 1000 plants. Mostly Ukranian Red with some Italian Late Softneck for braiding.

OFB posted a great bit about garlic dip. Check it out for some great, seasonally appropriate suggestions for garlic and personal safety.


azplantlady said...

I absolutely love garlic! I look forward to seeing them grow in your garden. Thank you for sharing.

our friend Ben said...

Beautiful bed, Alan. Wow! And great garlic selection. So what do you plan to do with all the garlic you harvest for your own use? (Note: We have a few dip selections over at Poor Richard's Almanac in today's post, "Dracula dip," if you need suggestions... )

Alan said...

OFB, Just saw your garlic dip post. ( Now I have one more thing to do with garlic. For us we usually chop a bunch of garlic and a bunch of onions and then ask what we should prepare for dinner. Seems to go in almost everything. I'll have to post about all our garlic uses some time.

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Thanks for the reminder. I'll add garlic to the to-do list.....

Sheria said...

I really like garlic. This has led to some issues over the years, like the time a good friend finally told me that she would prefer that I prepare grits without the garlic. Like you, I pretty much use garlic in everything except desserts, although I was watching Food Network and someone made garlic ice cream.


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