Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New life at the end of the season

Only 2 days left to get involved in the
I posted my first Climate Change post at NIDN today. Check it out.

Our sunflowers put on a very nice show this year. Even on a gray, dreary day they were a spark of brilliance. We planted them along one side of the garage, near the road, and got lots of comments from folks who enjoyed them as they drove by.

Now they are finished. Sad, gray, shadows of their former glory. Time to cut them and let the birds have them. Seems a waste (at least to CC, I was all ready to cut, pull, and compost them. Fall is clean-up time for me.)

CC found inspiration where I saw chaos.

I'm amazed at the new life they have found. What a celebration at the end of the season.


nancybond said...

Alan! What a wonderful wreath! It looks very festive for this harvest season, and how the birds will love it. Nicely done!

Bonnie Story said...

That's beautiful! Well done.

our friend Ben said...

Gorgeous wreath, Alan! I've never seen sunflower heads look so good. And as Nancy says, this is one wreath the birds will love!

Sheria said...

Oh! The wreath is beautiful.


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