Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Don't Forget

Veteran's' Day
I borrowed this image from a blog I love (Fennel and Fern.) It captures a bit of what I feel on Veteran's Day. The poppy is so fragile (as a flower) and so enduring (as a plant.) The fragile lives given for our fragile freedoms can only be enduring if we are also willing to nourish and defend them, even with our blood.
This morning when I got up to check the news and have my coffee before doing my chores, I clicked on CNN. At 4:30 am it is the most balanced, least objectionable news I can get here in the wilderness. Anderson Cooper greeted me with a story of freedom and hate. I had to turn it off. (Can't find it on his blog now, but it was a story of radical hate mongers pushing their message on folks as they came out from prayer.) The hate mongers went on about the evils of America, while standing on the sidewalk in front of a church, free to spew their opinions without being detained by police or harassed by the public.
It made me proud and angry at the same time. Angry that such hatred and stupidity is allowed to exist, and proud that the freedom allowing it's expression exists here. That is what I stood on the wall to defend, and countless others, brothers and sisters all, also stood and sometimes died so we might live in a place free enough that idiots can spew their hatred without being locked up. I hope the same rights extend to people who want to spew their love, their hope, and that we can find it in our selves to get over our petty differences and take care of one another.
Remember those who stood and those who fell defending the freedoms you take for granted.
Happy veterans day!

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