Friday, March 5, 2010

Breaking the Cracker Barrier

Today we are going to make another attempt at making great crackers. They are the one elusive snack item left for us to master. We are going to attempt these Crispy Sesame -Semolina Flatbread Crackers. I'll post the process and the results later this afternoon.

Wish us luck!

Tomorrow we are going over to our friends the Adelsbergers to help with their syrup making. They started last week. The kids are excited to see how it's all done. More on that tomorrow.

We are doing the Real Food Challenge - Friday Wrap-up over at NDiN today. Check out how we did and share what worked for you and what didn't. (I know you are all part of the challenge...)

1 comment:

Sheria said...

I had forgotten how much I enjoy your blog how much I enjoy reading about your life. I get inspired by your culinary efforts but then I chicken out at attempting to replicate them. The crackers sound like the perfect accompaniement for my favorite snack food--cheese!

I'm looking forward to the details of the syrup making.


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