Friday, March 5, 2010


So here's the cracker making process. The recipe is here so I won't repeat it. We changed a couple of things. We used regular sesame seeds because that's what we had. We also didn't put them on parchment paper. It would have been faster, especially if you cut them into small crackers, but we didn't have any parchment paper in the house. (Someone must have eaten it...)
Here's what we did...



Knead twice

Divide into 12 parts


Roll some more



The pasta roller is key. I never could have gotten them this thin. I don't have the time. We learned that you have to start on the widest setting and step down in small steps. Flattening first helps. The crackers currently have a 2.75 out of 3 rating at our house. CC didn't vote, she isn't here right now. JJ thought they tasted kind of like crackers. RR said OH YEAH! Can I have a whole stick! And I liked them and can see some potential for other flavor combos. Over all a success on a project we have been struggling with.

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