Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm not dead yet

I did get turned into a newt for a while, but I got better.

Status:  Chaos Contained (just...)

Been busy.

Potager has us pretty well stocked with food.  (the green house and surviving bits of the market garden are filling in the gaps on the veg front.)

We have harvested (from the 20' x 20' garden called the potager) so far this year

peas, 5 lbs shelled
peas, 7 lbs sugar snap
rhubarb, 17 lbs
strawberries, 6 lbs
sour cherries, 7 ( its a baby tree, but they were EXCELLENT!!!!)
Garlic, 24 lbs
Garlic blossoms, 6 lbs (we dried these and have used them in all our pickles and in cooking.  They are great!)
Salad greens (lettuce mix, lettuce heads, arugula etc.) 20+ lbs
Cooking greens (spinach, chard, etc) 26+ lbs
Green Beans, 30 lbs
Tomatoes, 20 half pints of roasted tomatoes + fresh eating since early June
Cucumbers, 18 quarts of dill pickles + fresh eating since early July and 7 lbs sold in the shop
Unlimited quantities of dill, thyme, oregano, mint, lavender, rosemary, parsley, bay, and fresh horseradish.
Carrots, 12 lbs
Radishes, 8 lbs (mostly made into radish kimchee...awesome!!!)

Still to harvest

Sweet Potatoes
More Carrots
More Greens
More Beans
More Tomatoes
More Cucumbers

Planting for fall/winter/spring harvest

(and lots of oats as a cover crop for our early spring beds.)

Plus a lot more in the greenhouse...

Now that I have found a bit of a balance point (for awhile at least...), I'll be posting more about developments at the farm, thoughts, books, scouts (here is a taste...Hocking Hills), the shop, the boat we built, and other things,.  (At least until the fragile construct I call order collapses again...)
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