Saturday, March 6, 2010


Here's a bit about our adventures in mapel syruping. We really appreciat the work that goes into each drop of the real stuff. It is worth every penny!

We went out to help 0ur friends the Adelsbergers with their Maple Syrup today. It was FUN. Kids, snow, frozen mapel sap, buckets to haul, 4X4 ing in the mud, through washes and corn fields, FUN! We harvested more than 100 gallons of sap. LOTS of buckets. The kids were tired by the end. The fire was hot (Josh built a cool (HOT) evaporator (he says its the 1.1 model, 2.0 is in the works. Somehow I didn't get pictures of it. Maybe HE will post.) Lunch was pancakes and fresh maple syrup. Brilliant! (Mrs. Adelsberger is sending me the recipe, but it is based on Sue Gregg's whole foods cooking) I'm hoping to have more to publish soon.
The kids loved the pancakes and the syrup. They haven't liked the whole wheat pancakes I've made in the past, so that is a plus.
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