Thursday, January 6, 2011

In Other News...

Our normal level of crazy has returned to the Roost.  The kids are back in school and we are all trying to settle back into the routine of teaching, learning, and school projects mixed in with everyday farm life.  "Vacation" is very disruptive.

The Dogs have imposed their own level of crazy on the house and the farm.  They seem to have taken over as they settle in.  The dogs and kids are starting their third week of basic obedience training.  It is making a difference.  The kids are enjoying it.  They especially love that their Dog Training Instructor is named Kat.

 Comet and
Leonardo at rest.

And at play. 
Eve is doing quite well.  She eats well, tolerates me, plays like a calf, and seems very healthy.

But she doesn't really like the snow.  "It's cold, and wet, and gets in her fur.  Then mom lick me and messes up my look."

Most disturbingly, the Imperial ATAT Walker that was in pieces in RR's room disappeared last night.  I suspect the Evil Mouse Sith have stolen it.  They are probably refitting it with new lasers, preparing to for an new offensive in the on going Mouse Wars saga.
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