Sunday, January 9, 2011

Local Food Friday - Eat Local 2011 week one

The first week of our Eat Local Project was mostly spent exploring what we have or will have available in our area when spring arrives.  The outlook is promising, but the list of things available right now is very short.  Most of what is available now we have in our own back yard, eggs, milk, cheese, meat.  No produce to speak of.  Planning for next winter has already started.

Our Friday Local Food meal was nothing special.  We had a pot roast.  The roast came from our calf Chuck.  We still have several hundred pounds of beef in the freezer, so we are in pretty good shape for meat.  With the pot roast we had garlic, carrots, and roasted tomatoes.  We had green beans on the side.  What we didn't have that we normally would have was potatoes, onions, bread, and salad.  We have the those things in the pantry, but none of them were remotely local, so we did without.  It was a good meal, but it highlighted some of the things we need to plan for if we are going to succeed in living on local food.

Roasted Tomatoes          
Dilly beans
All from our fall garden. 
As we were preparing our meal we noticed a distinct lack of variety.  That's another thing we are starting to plan for.  We will get very tired of beef and boiled vegetables by the end of winter if we don't plan ways to store some other things.
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