Thursday, August 15, 2013

Maybe I am stupid...

I find that discovering a truth that changes everything doesn't make life easier or better.  I know how we should live, maybe not all the details, but the big rules.  I know that if I create a life following those rules I will be happier, healthier, and the world around me will be a better place.  Yet, every step I take toward living a new way creates a myriad of problems.  So, here's an update after too long being quiet.

The farm thrives.  Garlic is in.  Beans are in.  Freezer is full of chicken, pork, and beef.  Parts of the yard look brilliant, and other parts are totally over run.  We haven't finished painting the house...  The remodel is in year 7 of a 15 year plan, and on schedule...  This month we are trying to make $685.00 cover $1156.00 in bills.  Next month will be better.  We are making fudge, bread, hard cider, and all kinds of other good stuff.  We are writing books, and getting ready to launch an online mag.  Life is full. The system kicks us daily, but we are still here, fighting on, and trying not to choke on our philosophy.

Maybe I'm stupid for believing... maybe I'm stupid for sharing... maybe I'm just stupid... but I'll trudge on, and drag you along with me for as long as you allow.
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