Friday, August 16, 2013

Lucky to have a job...

In the 8.5 hours I was at work today,  people came in, resumes in hand, asking for applications for part time, minimum wage jobs.  Same happened yesterday (I know because I printed the applications before I left, and they were all gone when I got to work today)  So, 6 apps x 7 days = 42 apps per week at our store.  We live in an isolated county with a population of around 30,000.  200 people applying for work at one store in a month seems like a lot in such a small population...where is the "recovery"?

So, we cleaned up a corner of the yard today before work... Hart Nut Trees planted 2 years ago were being  overcome in weeds, and we rescued them today.  Good family effort.

Canned 7 quarts of Portuguese Kale Soup.  Its a winter fav, and having it 20 min ready is great.   Still looking for ways to store kale and swiss chard for the winter...  Ideas welcomed.

No bills today!!! still trying to figure who gets paid...

Feeling lucky to have a job, and work for a co that thinks I have value (not enough to live on, but some...)

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