Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I've become irrelevant...

Recently I was told that blogs are dead.  May be true in my case.  I have things to say, but cant seem to find the time to post.  Tried Facebook.  Cant seem to format what I want to say into a catchy "happening".  And Twitter???  no way.  I need to be able to give the truth SCOPE...  words...  meanings that even I am unaware of.  I need space and time.  So (my few remaining friends say) write a book.  But I cant.  Too much box in a book.  Look what it did to Buddha (you can still buy Buddha in a box at lots of used bookstores...)  How can I compete with that???

So,  here I am, on the edge of 50.  Wondering what life is about.  Not the grand meanings... there are plenty of "answers" for that.  All you have to do is choose your story.  No, I'm struggling at an individual level.  (Ok, now I hear you saying this has turned into a therapy blog... I'm out.  But that's not what I mean.)  I see the world differently.  For me the base story has changed, and that effects my story, and how I connect with everything, and everybody around me.   but just telling my story wont get you there.  So, how do I develop/find community

FYI... I haven't gone all woo-woo on you.  The pigs in the last post are now in the freezer (except for the pork chop on my plate interrupting my writing.  We are planning to raise another 100 chickens and 4 more pigs.  I haven't got all (or any) answers.  But I know that tweeking the system will not work.  Neither will buying into big brothers mind-speak.

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